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New Delhi Local Train Time Table

North Zone of Indian Railways operates Delhi Suburban Service, facilitating local commuting between different locations in and around Delhi, such as Ghaziabad, Panipat, Palwal, Shakurbasti Muzaffarnagar, Shamli, Gurgaon etc, which are mostly on EMU, MEMU tractions, including passenger trains and DMU type trains running upto Rewari in Haryana, connecting different locations in the National Capital Region.

Apart from these, another stream of Railways called Delhi Ring Railway which can also be considered  Delhi local train service, which is a circular rail network running parallel to the Ring , brought for  better use during the 1982 Asian Games although this train service was started in 1975 to service goods.

Much sophisticated Metro rail having  come into operation, these  Delhi local trains are more sought after particularly for their fare structure and scope of carrying luggage in a convenient manner.

Delhi Local Train Time Table

Detailed local train time table Delhi has been published covering various destinations, defined timings of arrival and departure at each point, which cover combinations of various routes, such as

  • Ghaziabad  to Kosikalan, via  Old Delhi,  New Delhi,  Faridabad  and Palwal
  • Ghaziabad  to  Palwal, via Old Delhi , New Delhi and Faridabad
  • Ghaziabad to Mathur, via  Old Delhi , New Delhi , Faridabad , Palwal  and Kosikalan
  • Ghaziabad to  Old Delhi and  New Delhi
  • Ghaziabad  to Palwal , covering Anand Vihar, New Delhi and Faridabad
  • H Nizamuddin to Kosikalan via  Faridabadand  Palwal
  • New Delhi  to Palwal
  • New Delhi to Shakurbasti
  • Shakurbasti  to Dankaur  via Old Delhi,  Ghaziabad and  Dankaur
  • Shakurbasti to Palwal, via  Old Delhi,  New Delhi ,  H Nizamuddin and  Faridabad
  • Shakurbasti to Aligarh covering New Delhi, Ghaziabad  and Khurza
  • Shakurbasti to Ballabgarh, covering  New Delhi and  Fardabad
  • Shakurbasti  to Mathura via Old Delhi New Delhi, H Nizamuddin ,Faridabad and  Palwal
  • Old Delhi to Rewari via  Gurgaon
  • Old Delhi to  Muzaffarnagar
  • Old Delhi  to Shamli

The circular route  of Ring rail Delhi local train time table covers 35km, taking 90-120 minutes to complete, both ways  touching Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station running  all the time from 8 am to 7 pm, operating seven trains clockwise and six anti-clockwise, at a peak frequency of 60-90 min., during the morning and evening rush hours.

Delhi Local Train Future

EMUs that are operated as local trains  in Delhi are run with 12 coaches,  ten  of them as general compartments and two for ladies, there are more than 110 suburban trains plying on important sections, most of them often crowded beyond their passenger capacity during peak hours.
The fare structure of Delhi local trains being economical and inexpensive, for instance ,a return ticket for the entire journey in the Ring rail costing Rs 12, as compared to Delhi Metro tariff, which would around Rs 60, for the same distance covered,  it is naturally preferred by poor and middle-class families, with the growing popularity.

However, the future of Delhi local trains, with the fast moving and more comfortable  Metro Rail operations, while the focus on expansion of suburban service doubted by public, there have been reports of expanding the Suburban services , feasibility studies having been conducted  in response to the commuter demand, with plans to start EMU services from Gurgaon and an integrated rail-bus transit (IRBT) system to link Delhi with the satellite towns of Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, and Sahibabad.

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